Mar 18, 2014

【Art】 My Sadako Girl

【Lyrics】 My Sadako Girl

Music | Art
lyrics by Lizts + Remo

There's this girl who always hides her face
No one knew how she looked,
it was all just an empty space.
But that fateful day, I have caught a glimpse
And couldn't seem to believe with my eyes
Right there, I was mesmerized

But even past her chilling sight,    
With sweeping hair dark as the night
Was a light that shines my days so bright

But wait, something's not right
There's only 7 days now left in my life

Something had changed inside of me,
I didn't know how it could be
But deep inside my heart,
knew that we are so apart
But even when she passed me by,
I looked into her eyes
And it took a while for me to see,
that she's so perfect for me

Am I being too hasty
Or maybe I'm just going crazy
Or did I read this wrong
There's no way this love goes this strong
Yet my mind is telling me that I shouldn't go and run away
Though I'll die that day
there is nothing left anyway

My dark fears all began to fade
These thoughts I'll tell it to her straight
Before all this becomes too late

I knew that I was cursed
But on the 7th day,
she burst to tears and put my mind to rest

I confessed, It's all okay
you don't have to be alone
'Cause time flies by with you behind me
These memories, I'll hold it dearly
and I will gladly give my life to you
So find your way and carry through

Something had changed inside of me,
I didn't know how it could be
And deep inside my heart,
knew that we are gonna part
But when I opened up my eyes
she went into the skies

And I see you again

【Music】 My Sadako Girl

Composition: Lizts
Tuning | art | PV: Remo
Lyrics: Lizts + Remo
mix by Fealow

NNDLyrics | Art

Song 2 of 3! This song will be included in an album download in the near future.

Re: It's my first time doing something so fancy with Vegas, I apologize for any odd errors. I'll improve making PVs too.

Mar 12, 2014

New Member

I am pleased to introduce a new member into LIGHT&BITTER, Riidoriido-P!

He will serve as composer and expand our genre of music.
Our first formal album will include songs from both composers, please look forward to it!

Mar 5, 2014


Unused scene / draft for our next song.
Song 2 of our 3-song-mini-album is well under way!
We hope to have the mini-album out by the end of March (or sooner), we hope you look forward to us!