May 19, 2014

May news

Sorry sorry for the late post. We ran into unfortunate circumstances and a work schedule for one member, but now we're easing back into making songs. Also schedule is looking busy for most of us, so our rate of work is predicted to be slower.
Shorter news segment this month.

  1. Our first EP - 99% completed! See ↓ for details.
  2. La Partida; Calma - Riido's song for the MAIKA contest! Azureflux of Vocallective and offered us a spot on his MAIKA-exclusive CD! We will have the finished mp3 very soon, and with it, the release of our EP.
  3. Trailer video - It seems god-forbid June is maybe this video's release date...
  1. Artbook - Ideas are slowly starting to crank for this project. Remo is planning for a late-year release around December or so, but it's a temporary placeholder. If you have any particular artworks you'd like to see regarding LIGHT&BITTER, please email Remo.

May 5, 2014

【Art】 La Partida; Calma [Departure; Calm]

【Lyrics】 La Partida; Calma [Departure; Calm]

Music | Art
lyrics by Riido

No sé que pasó
Por qué así todo terminó
Tenía mucho para dar
No me diste la oportunidad
Hice el esfuerzo por seguir
Mas nunca pensé en mi
Fuiste el porque de mi vivir
Y ahora te vas

Si, quien desconfio fui yo
Pero fue con razón
Pues nunca demostraste ser mejor
Sin mas, te dejé de importar
Para qué mirar atrás
No puedo--

Siempre te esperaré
Nunca admitiré el adiós
Sin ti no creo poder seguir
Dices que es lo mejor
Pero sin ti
No puedo

Qué necesidad
De traicionar a tu otra mitad
Querias a otro corazón
No me vengas con perdón
Di todo lo que soy
Para que olvides tu dolor
Pero de recompensa
Te burlaste de mi amor

Qué, si el odio me consumió
Si la ira me cegó
A gritos descargo mi dolor
Al fin, la tormenta ya pasó
Y puedo decir adiós

Ya no te esperaré,
Nunca mereciste mi amor
Y me perdiste
Fuiste de lo mejor
Lo fuiste

El cielo ya despejó
Y mi futuro veo hoy
La esperanza vive en mi
Siento que lo mejor
Fue el adiós
Lo siento
I don't know what happened
Why everything ended up like this
I had so much to give
You didn't give me the opportunity
I made the effort to go on
Though I never cared about myself
You were my reason for living
And now you're leaving

Yes, I was the one who distrusted
But I had reasons
Because you never showed to be better
Just like that, I ceased to be important to you
"Why look back..?"
I can't...

I'll always wait for you
I'll never admit goodbye
I don't believe I can go on without you
You say this is for the best
But without you
I can't...

What is the need to
betray "your other half"?
You were in love with another heart
Don't come to me with "I'm sorry"
I gave everything I am
For you to forget your pain
But in reward
You mocked my love

So what, if hatred consumed me
If anger blinded me
Screaming, I relieve my pain
At last, the storm has passed
And I can say goodbye

I won't wait for you anymore
You never deserved my love
And so you lost me
You were the best
You were.

The sky cleared
And I can see my future today
Hope lives in me
I feel that the best
Was the goodbye
I'm sorry

【Music】 La Partida; Calma [Departure; Calm]

Composition | lyrics | PV: Riido
Piano | mix: Lizts
Tuning | art | PV: Remo

NNDLyrics | Art

Our entry into MAIKA's original song contest!
And with this, we are finished with our 3-song compilation for our first EP!
With just a few more edits, we will publish it very soon.
There will be a short introductory manga, so please be sure to check it out!