Apr 18, 2014

April News

We will start up a monthly news update to keep everyone notified on what's going on with LIGHT&BITTER, what things to expect / look forward to.
We'll post quick blurbs in the Discussion section of our YT channel, but the blog will go in-depth and even sneak some previews in, who knows.
Otherwise, we've set up a rough schedule of 1 song release per month, hence 2 albums per year if things go well.
We will try our best to be diligent


  1. Our first EP is well under way! This is the promised free album we've been talking about ever since our debut. It will feature "Tuesday Love Blues," "My Sadako Girl," and "La Partida; Calma." Currently, we are roughly 70% completed and tanking throughhhh
  2. "La Partida; Calma" - this is Riido's first song with LIGHT&BITTER, as well as our entry for the MAIKA contest. If Remo's word means anything, it's utterly amazing☆ An unused scene for the PV has been posted, which you can view here.
    We will definitely upload this before May.
  3. Trailer video - A basic outline has already been drafted. Ideally, this will be released in early May, but realistically closer to mid- / late- May [or god forbid, June].
  4. Tumblr - Having another outlet with the VOCALOID community! This opening hasn't started yet, but after our EP release we will get to it as soon as we can.
  1. Covers - we are thinking of making covers with our own take on the instrumentals. This idea is still in its infancy, currently we haven't really given it serious thought. If this plan does follow through, Riido will provide vocals or another VOCALOID will be singing. The schedule will go around 2 weeks per cover, depending on circumstances during the time.
  2. Artbook - This is more of a solo project by Remo than a group project, but the digital-only artbook will contain full versions of PV scenes [if any are unposted by L&B blog or Remo's personal blog], sketches / concepts, and any unreleased art relating to L&B. Since Remo essentially uploads 90% - 98% of artworks, this will most likely be a very slow project to accumulate... unless suggestions are given regarding what the community would like to see in this potential artbook.