Jul 12, 2014

【EP1 release】 LIGHT&BITTER - We Are

We are proud to finally release our first EP, We Are!!
This is the compilation of Lizts's and Riido's previously released originals / in-progress originals before the formation of LIGHT&BITTER, revamped and refurbished.
It includes a short introduction manga regarding who we are, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as Remo enjoyed drawing it.

This also marks our debut into Vocallective, a VOCALOID and UTAU music label. We are honoured to have been accepted, thank you very much.

This is our complementary free album to celebrate the formation and debut of LIGHT&BITTER.
However, we appreciate any donations and feedback via email. Thank you very much!!

With this, our "training camp" hiatus starts! We wish you well and we will see you in a few months!