Jul 7, 2014

6/7+ News

First off, a formal apology for the lack of news updates!

Currently, we've experienced a series of unfortunate events, including:
- Lizts on indefinite hiatus [due to work]
- Busier schedule for Remo + Riido
- Lack of professional mixer

Due to the latter, La Partida; Calma was unable to receive a more official mix and will be released as-heard on the YT video.

Our first EP will be released on Friday, July 12th!!
It is a free album to celebrate the start and progress of L&B, and we are very excited to share with you a short 3-pg manga depicting ourselves.
It consists of our 3 released songs and lyrics.
We're very happy to finally release ittttt

Finally, and sadly,
LIGHT&BITTER will go on hiatus for ~3 months.
This is to further organize and plan around Lizts's absence, as well as to develop our mixing skills and for the remaining Riido and Remo to familiarize with each other's style.
Of course, we are also managing real-life events, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We'll try to update the blog with tidbits and news into our "training camp" hiatus.
Currently, we are scheduled to queue songs and even make a game depending on how things go.
Stay tuned and pressure us every now and then☆